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On Earth Day Commit To Helping The Environment, Saving Energy, and Improving Your Home

Earth Day should remind us all to be conscious of how our actions impact the environment.  Today is the 49th anniversary of Earth Day, but as we are often reminded, every day is Earth Day. And it’s never too late to do your part to reduce pollution by saving energy, while at the same time saving money by cutting down your utility and gas bills. Saving energy not only helps your wallet, but also protects our climate.Spring is a great time to make some changes to help your home, wallet, and environment. Here are some simple ideas that you can do today:v  While you’re cleaning, consider replacing your old light bulbs with energy efficient CFL’s, halogen incandescents, or LED bulbs. Traditional incandescent bulbs, besides costing you more money and creating more pollution,…

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Earth Day Reminds Us It Is Never Too Early To Start Teaching Kids About Energy Conservation

It's April 22nd...Happy Earth Day! On this special day we should start teaching our youth about energy conservation and being eco-friendly around the house. When it comes to reducing energy use, you should try to include your whole family. While kids may not fully understand the importance of energy reduction, it's important to get them involved when they're young to ensure they grow up with an environmentally-friendly mindset. With that in mind, let's take a look at a few ways you can teach your children eco-friendly values.Educate your kids. In order to help kids appreciate energy conservation, they have to understand it first. By having a discussion with your child about energy, you'll be able to help them understand where energy and electricity come from. You should consider telling…

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How to Have a Greener Earth Day

Earth Day has become one of the most widely celebrated environmental events across the globe. It's a time to focus more on the awareness and appreciation of Earth's environment. It's celebrated by over 190 countries each year. It was originally celebrated at Spring Equinox around 21 March every day but now the United Nations has designated the 22nd April as International Mother Earth Day. Earth Day Network coordinates this annual day across the globe.Earth Day is all about appreciating the uniqueness of our planet Earth with its incredible biodiversity. On this day various national and international activities are conducted to understand the biodiversity and how should we protect our nature – plants, animals and the environment. Many people think it's about just planting a tree or helping to…

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EXPANDING ENERGY CHOICE by American Coalition of Competitive Energy Suppliers

Quarterly Consumer Newsletter Spring 2019     The most common query that brings users to the ACCES website is whether one’s state allows energy choice. The creation of new state markets is marked by years of consumer advocates, industry stakeholders, regulators, and lawmakers working to create a dynamic market while also ensuring consumer protection. It may seem like a slow process, but that isn’t for lack of interest on behalf of consumers. Ratepayers in North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Arkansas, among other states, have found their way to to research energy choice, and these future customers are interested in how…

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STARION CARES: The Charitable Organizations We Proudly Support

At Starion, we are proud of how many deregulated energy companies help local communities and promote green energy throughout the country. After all, solar users alone save 75 million barrels of crude oil from consumption every year. But besides providing ways to save energy in your home and ways to go green, Starion is passionate about the local and national charities we support every day. As a Connecticut-based company, we support both Connecticut and national organizations. Here's a little bit about how Starion Cares and how we are trying to make an impact both locally and nationally.The Connecticut Cancer FoundationSupporting the CCF is part of the Starion Against Cancer initiative. We are passionate about providing ways to save energy in your home, and we're passionate about keeping cancer…

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